From inspiration to acquisition

According to recent reports, ASAP54 recently got a round of funding in excess of € 3m to develop its app, which allows smartphone users to process images and identify products in the picture. With only minimal interaction with the user, the app will offer a list of products similar to those in the picture and allow the user to filter them according to criteria like color and price range. So, your favorite actor is wearing a jacket that would suit you perfectly? All you have to do is take a picture or a screenshot and have ASAP54 suggest similar products along with links to shops selling the jacket. Same thing for nice design objects or furniture. The app will also allow users to publish their "asaps" and their lists of asaps which could end up looking like moodboards or like more intelligent versions of Pinterest's pins. The following video will give you an idea of how the app will work.


The obvious business model for this app feels like being affiliation, whereby online merchants will pay ASAP54 a fee for business the app sends their way, but there is also strong potential for that app actually becoming a tool of trend-setters and influencers in fashion, interior design and styling.