Empathic management

The video below does not need any comments, but it is actually an excellent example of a very concrete thing of everyday life in which we can see how and why design drives experience of people using an object or a service.
It highlights two very important aspects of the experience of using something, which are discoverability (i.e. the possibility to find out very quickly what something was created for and how to use is) and feedback (i.e. perceptible consequences of proper usage for the person using the object or service). However, to create something that has both discoverability and feedback, the designer needs to care for what the actual usage of the object or service will be like for people who need to use it. That's called empathy and there are ways and methods that will help you leverage empathy in what you do in business from the way you think about an in-store experience, to how an e-commerce site co-exists with other channels, to how a marketing campaign works, to how a business cases is presented to your finance people and senior management.