A generic template of letter of intent

We're often being asked about documents and templates for various purposes. So far we've provided that kind of help to customers and people in our network upon request. However these requests have been growing in number and since we've never believed that the mere access to a tool or resource is a durable source of competitive advantage, we're starting a "Giving Back" category on this site where we'll be sharing templates and other resources.
The understanding is that

  1. these are documents we are using for our own purposes and are always amended as we see fit,
  2. they are provided without any warranty whatsoever as to their fitness of your purposes,
  3. they do not constitute legal advice or a recommendation of any sort,
  4. they are provided in their current form without any warranty or commitment on our part,
  5. access to these documents may be interrupted at any time without prior notice
  6. all documents, content and resources provided under the "Giving Back" category are published under Creative Commons BY-SA-NC license
  7. we do genuinely hope they can help you achieve your goals and be happy
So we're starting with this generic template of letter of intent.

For any questions or specific advice, please get in touch.