New site

More than time to put some order into our online presence. Over the years, BusinessQuests has been trying all sorts of tools and experimenting with different formats: typepad, wordpress, flavors.me, posterous, twitter, facebook, google+... The result was chaos in our own web presence and some serious challenges to ensure some form of consistency in terms of topics tackled and media channels used to speak about those topics.
So we made the decision to clean-up a bit and simplify a lot to focus more on content about what we enjoy doing and do very well by customers' account. While running a visually hyper-attractive site is easy these days, we chose to go back to a very basic and robust platform to power this site (blogger) and to leverage other resources to make it more visual. So no sliders, no animations, no fancy multi-level menu and a super-basic implementation of language selection. We'll also be notifying about new content on our accounts and pages on twitter, google+, facebook and linkedin, probably using rules-based procedures via IFTTT. Depending on topics of research and on projects we may also develop specific mood-boards on Pinterest (e.g. this board which is about doors, the focus of one of our recent projects - yes, our line of business is full of unexpected yet marvelous contexts).
Our "historic" blog has also been migrated from typepad to blogger and remains online at this link although it will not receive new content from now on because we're refocusing content on the topics listed at the top banner of this site.